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Big Update | MEGA Cricket Studio has a new HOME!

Welcome to the new Adda of EA Cricket 07!

As you all are aware of the most popular & a successful Cricket 07  website named “MEGA Cricket Studio” at the web address of https://www.megacricketstudio.blogspot.com which provided all cricket 07 kinds of stuff and patches on the blog for years and years.

MEGA on blog platform did a fantastic job by continuously providing all the latest updates related to the cricket 07 game. All these years the Games, Patches & Stuff for EA Sports Cricket 07 were available for free. To make such a huge collection of games and patches at one place, it takes a lot of hard work and the work is time consuming.

In COVID times, our work as significantly increased and we as did worked to make this website free for all. But sadly MEGA Cricket Studio on blog platform , didn’t managed to sustain in difficult times. But to run the website sadly, pretty much time is required, and we had to hire some geeks to run this website.

As we want to serve this community in a longer run as we are doing from years, Team MEGA Cricket Studio therefore, decided to host a website at .com website, and on January 01, 2021, We are launching MEGA Cricket Studio as a full fledged website at the web address of https://www.megacricketstudio.com.

With all permissions and authorizations, the MEGA Cricket Studio blog website  at web address https://www.megacricketstudio.blogspot.com will now being redirected to our new website MEGA Cricket Studio at web address https://www.megacricketstudio.com

We’ll continue to provide all the content that was available earlier on blog but with some minor changes as some of the Games will be now Paid from now on. But most of the games, patches, tools will be available to you as it was available earlier.

The paid games will have to be bought from the Shop to pay the geeks that were hired to run the website.

This website will be updated on time to time as we’ll keep publishing  all the cricket 07 Latest Patches, Cricket 07 Kits, Stadiums,  all mods and other useful stuff that was available on blog website.

Now, take a look at the website and see what’s available on our new website and then we’ll let you know what’s upcoming on our website.

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