How to Install EA Cricket 07 for Windows 10 for PC/Laptop

Here’s the Awesome EA Sports Cricket 07 Game Information along with genuine download links. Download Cricket 07 & enjoy one of the finest Game of the Era… We all remember the golden days where  all our day ends up by Playing EA Sports Cricket 2007 on our PC/Laptops on “Windows 7”. It was a lot of fun and all we  had to do is just double-click and run the game. Cool, isn’t it?

But as the windows operating system evolved, many of users have switched to the latest Windows 10 edition  and playing cricket 07 in windows 10 is not as easy as it was in Windows 7 or Windows XP.

And hence, many Windows 10 users search for how to download cricket 07 in windows 10, how to run cricket 07 in windows 10, an many more related queries because running cricket 07 on windows 10 (smoothly) involves a bit of a headache and some research. That’s the only reason you’re here, right?

So here in this Tutorials all your queries are going to be solved. Given Below a list of  the topics covered in this tutorial…

How to Install Cricket 07 on Windows 10? #

Step by Step Installation of EA Cricket 2007 Game:

*Note: The Steps shown below are for the Original version of Cricket 07 game. (If you don’t have, then you can Get the original & full version of Cricket 07 here)

Step 1: After downloading, go to your download folder and locate the downloaded file.

Step 2: Right click on the downloaded .zip & select extract here to unzip the file. You can use 7zip/winrar software to do the extraction.

Step 3: After successful extraction, open the Cricket 07 by MEGACricketStudio folder and then look for the .exe file.

Now, double click and Start the game from Cricket07.exe and then start enjoying the EA Cricket 2007 game. That’s it. No CD/Activation code etc needed to run this game.

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