How to Install International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch for EA Cricket 07 in PC/Laptop

How to Install International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch for EA Cricket 07 in PC/Laptop from Product Page? #

Step by Step Installation of International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch: 

Step 1: Download and Install Cricket 07 game in a folder (Get Cricket 07 game here)

Step 2: Visit this link and complete the purchase & download the International Cricket 2021 Rewind Game. After downloading,

Step 3: Extract Cricket 21 REWIND MEGA and Run Cricket 21 Rewind Mega Patch Installer.exe and install it anywhere in your computer using your Unique Registration Code that comes with your purchase. eg. Create a new Folder on Desktop (You can use WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip to extract the downloaded File)

Step 4: After Installation open the folder where you installed the game and  open 0.Main Patch Folder, and Run the Game Using 00.A2 HD C21 Launch.exe.

Step 5: Cricket 2021 Launcher will Open. Now Select the Tournament that you want to Play (Let’s say International > ICC World Test Champions 2021). 

Step 6: Now Select Original Cricket 07.exe in Executable Options.

Step 7: Now Select TEST Button ( This will select the Test Lineup) and the Game will start automatically.

Step 8: Go to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load roster > ‘C21.ros’ & Start Enjoying International Cricket 2021 REWIND Game.

NOTE: For every Tournament you have to select the respective Tournament like IPL, PSL, BBL, World T20 2021 from Cricket 2021 Launcher, Select the correct lineup and Play.

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