Like any other business, we need money to survive in this competitive online world.

We have a staff of editors, authors, designers that work at MEGA Cricket Studio, providing in-depth guides and other useful Cricket Events information to keep you updated with the happenings in the world cricket. Apart from paying to our handful members, we also have to cover our hosting bills. So, it’s mandatory for us to make money in-order to cover our operating & other costs.

As of now, we don’t make any money from advertisements but We’ll make money primarily through advertisements that you’ll be able to see on our posts in near future. Aside from that, we use affiliate links in some of our blog posts, but you should know we only promote products that we have used and are helpful to MEGACricketStudio visitors.


We use Google Adsense as our advertising partner & therefore you may see display banner ads, link ads, etc of various sizes on our entire website. Ads are our primary monetization method &  we make money through ads to run this website. If a user clicks on any of the ads, we’ll get paid from Google Adsense program.

Affiliate Disclosure

We make money from affiliate links, but as we mentioned above, we only promote products that we believe are helpful to our readers. For example, our 5 Best Cricket Games post, lists some of best cricket games along with graphics card & gamepads, that we have personally used or tested. We have provided links to buy them, and if someone makes a purchase, we’ll get a commission.

Sponsored Posts

As of now, we do not have any sponsored post on MCS website. But we may accept sponsored posts of “Cricket” & “Sports” related products in future. Whenever you see “Sponsored” above the post title, you should assume that it is a sponsored post. Our posts, reviews are always unbiased and we will never do a review that isn’t helpful to our readers. Sponsored posts are also a way of making money, if we do it in future, we’ll also make money from it.

It’s straight forward and it’s simple. We believe in transparency and hence we have mentioned everything a visitor needs to know while browsing our site.


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