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All the content here is hand-written. Some patches are made by us, and some by other studios: So, if you want to copy-paste, make sure you have asked us for permission to do so. Otherwise, you would be violating our DMCA and I could take legal actions against the copied content which is there on your blog / website. No ripping off of content is allowed at all without permission. Not even modifications are allowed.

You are NOT allowed to re-upload our downloadable content to other download-hosting websites or your website: We strictly disallow people to upload our content to other websites and share it as their own to earn money. You have to ask for my permission to do so, and, once granted, you shall only use the link we gave you.

You are NOT allowed to sell any content from our website (Patches) for commercial purposes: If found that you’ve been selling our patch as a game via CDs and DVDs, we might have to take legal actions against it. Our patches are were free, is free and will be free. We have found many people downloading them and selling them. This is very disappointing.

If you have found someone else copying our content, do contact us anytime linking the website and the content!

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If you are Making Purchases from International Cards and your Payment is Rejected, Make a PayPal Account and Pay through it by linking your International Card to PayPal. Don’t have PayPal Account? Create one, by clicking here.