International Cricket 2023 Reboot Patch | A Brand New EA Cricket 2023 Edition Game for PC/Laptop

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before Purchasing International Cricket 2023, Please make sure EA Cricket 07 runs on your PC. This might not work on Windows 11.

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Powered by MEGA Cricket Studio,  We are proud to present International Cricket 2023 Reboot MEGA patch for Cricket 07. Just like the previous edition, EA Cricket 2022, this one is also one of the most awaited, authentic and probably the last cricket 2023 patch for cricket 07. All thanks to team United and HD Studioz as they bring “International Cricket 2023 Reboot” edition into the EA Cricket 2023 game. It’s the brand new & the latest released cricket game for PC. Being one of the most awaited and authentic cricket game, it comes with features that we’ll give you real life experience virtually over your PC. Make the short description more cool

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The Ultimate Game Features

Play Around the World with Real Life Stadiums

International Cricket 2023 Rewind is packed with 30+ Stadiums across the world such as Gabba, Melbourne, Southampton, Lords, Ahmedabad, Dharamshala, Mumbai, Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Sharjah, Dhaka, Christchurch, Wellington, Cape Town, Centurian, Colombo, Harare, Barbados, St. Lucia etc.

Hit Big Sixes with Top-notch Branded Bats

Gone are the days to play with Ordinary Plain Bats. Now experience International Cricket 2023 REBOOT with High Quality Bats.

Includes more than 200+ Branded Bats such as MRF, Gray Nicholls, SS Ton, New Balance, CEAT, Kookaburra, SF, Spartan, SG, Puma, GM, and almost every brand you know.

Awesome Broadcasting Experience at your end

With over 50 Overlays & Menu, get Real Life Experience with Realistic Broadcasting Menu of Every Country Every Tournament with interactive Pause Menu. Match Overlays, Scoreboards, Player Statistics, Match Statistics, Pitchads, Stumps, Main menu, etc everything defined for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, ICC WTC 2023, IPL 2022, ICC World T20 2022, Ashes and many more Bilateral Series overlays. Captain & White Broadcasting logos provided for all International, Domestic and Tour Games.

Switch Between Cap & Helmet on the Go

Give your players freedom from the Helmet when Spinners are in the attack.

International Cricket 2023 REBOOT is designed with consideration of each phase of the game. Hence, you can easily assign cap to players when needed.



Customize your Gameplay

In exhibition mode, you can easily customize your gameplay.

Right from Teams, Overs, Stadium, Pitch type, to Squad, & Custom Field, Camera angle, you get full control over the gameplay.

Accurate Fixtures and Squads

No Compromise in the Squads. Accurate Teams with accurate Names, Faces, Bats with Jersey Number.

Fixtures made from scratch with correct dates assigned to the teams to give you the vibe of Reboot.

Say Hello to Stars - Realistic Player Faces

Packed with 300+ Authentic Player Faces from 2023-24 Season of all International, Domestic & Tour Teams developed from scratch.

Moreover, it includes realistic faces of 15+ International Stadard Umpires such as Aleem Dar,, Chris Gaffeney, Ian Gould, Marais Erasmus, Nigel Llong, Richard Illingworth, Richard Kettleborough, Rod Tucker, and many more.

Broadcasting Overlays as Realistic as Possible

No Compromise in the Squads. Accurate Teams with accurate Names, Faces, Bats with Jersey Number.

Fixtures made from scratch with correct dates assigned to the teams to give you the vibe of Reboot.

Interact with the Game Engine

The Game Engine is all yours to take. Game Engine is remastered to make you feel over whelming with the International Cricket 2021 REBOOT Theme. You get full access to the Game Engine to work and play on!

NOTE: Refer to the video for Installation of International Cricket 2023 Reboot Patch

Click here to Get complete Game Installation.

If You Face Auto-exit in International Cricket 2023 Patch Delete these Files from the root directory one by one because They are the only purpose of crashing!

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  • 8c069eb2a0abd5d5ac85c0efc25b9f16.big
  • 8ebdec04546acb62e89003d165bff0a5.big
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