Want to edit EA Sports Cricket 07, you are at right place. Tools are fundamentals of Cricket 07 patching, modding and editing, without them you cannot make changes to the Original Cricket 07. Cricket 07 data is contained mostly in a .big file called data.gob. The .big file can be extracted using a tool called BigGUI. The almost complete list of what all the files in data.gob are can be found here. This will tell you which file to edit. The list will keep getting updated as the new tools come out!

Here’s the entire list of all the tools available for opening and editing The files that are present in data.gob like .fsh, .english, .vp6, .tmt, .ros etc.


These are the basic tools that are required for Modding EA Sports Cricket 07.

Grab Full Access to the Basic Tools..

The tool allows you to extract any file from any .big file and the data.gob file.

The tool allows you to edit the .fsh files, which contain all the graphical elements of the game.

Another simple tool that allows you to edit the .o files, which contain models of stadiums, faces, etc.

The tool allows you to edit the .o files, which contain models of stadiums, faces, etc.


These are the different editors that can be used to make significant changes to EA Sports Cricket 07.

Grab Full Access to the Editors & Tools...

This tool that can handle all of the tweaking automatically. It is designed for very old systems trying to run equally old games.

This tool is used to increase and decrease the speed of the bowler.

This tool finds missing file which gives an error in Cricket 07 and report it.

This editor allows you to alter every field provided with the game, both test and one day.

These file changes the in-game font shown in Main menu of Cricket 07.

This tool is used to improve the graphic quality of Cricket 07.

The Graphics Selector allows you to use different Pitch Ad's/Stumps/TV Overlays etc for matches in different countries. The graphics are automatically changed depending upon the country and match type.

This tool allows you to create your own custom jukebox for Cricket 07. You can add upto 20 songs in your custom jukebox.

This editor allows you to edit the squads and set different squads for Limited and Unlimited Overs matches. Do not use if you have no idea what you are doing, it might crash your game every time you start a match. Works only with AbBh's modified exe.

This editor will allow you to change weather, pitch type, Day/Night, Difficulty level and to change teams in tour matches.

The Mod Manager will help you install / uninstall mods with the click of a button.

The PlayerEditor allows you to fully customize your roster file. Right from player abilities to squad management, the Player Editor allows you to tweak anything you want and all that a few clicks away.

This tool enables you to change resolution, enable/disable scenarios, change game volumes, edit game settings, change controller settings, change camera angles.

This editor will allow you to edit the screen resolution, details and shadows.

This editor will allow you to change the face of the match on the fly!

This tool changes the texture of the skin of players in Cricket 07.

Edit stroke files and their range with this simple editor. To be used only with AbBh's Stroke Variation Patch.

This tool allows you to change the category of the team, i.e International/Others/Aus State/English County.

This editor will allow you to edit any tournament file.

With this tool you can manage all the different patches you have (upto 12). Tutorial within the application.

With this tool you can change the on field umpires.

Want to Study EA Cricket 07 backend? What we mean to say what files are inside EA Cricket 07 that makes this game still alive in 2021! MEGA Cricket Studio presents All Files List for EA Sports Cricket 07. This file contains

which are stored in the file data.gob. They are not listed here as things to download, they're for people who are trying to find out what all of the game's files do. Credits goes to tassietiger, barmyarmy, Ste and all the PC Community who found these for EA Cricket 2007. The All Files List is available in Excel Sheet Format for better understanding of each and every components of Cricket 07.

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