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Here’s the Awesome EA Sports Cricket 07 Game Information along with genuine download links. Download Cricket 07 & enjoy one of the finest Game of the Era… We all remember the golden days where  all our day ends up by Playing EA Sports Cricket 2007 on our PC/Laptops on “Windows 7”. It was a lot of fun and all we  had to do is just double-click and run the game. Cool, isn’t it?

But as the windows operating system evolved, many of users have switched to the latest Windows 10 edition  and playing cricket 07 in windows 10 is not as easy as it was in Windows 7 or Windows XP.

And hence, many Windows 10 users search for how to download cricket 07 in windows 10, how to run cricket 07 in windows 10, an many more related queries because running cricket 07 on windows 10 (smoothly) involves a bit of a headache and some research. That’s the only reason you’re here, right?

So here in this Tutorials all your queries are going to be solved. Given Below a list of  the topics covered in this tutorial…

Note that this tutorial is somewhat more specific for windows 10 users, but most of the steps/guides can be followed by other windows users as well.

So, whether you have windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or windows 10 installed on your system, simply stick with this tutorial and follow this guide. But before starting, here’s an table of content followed by a few important thing you need to know…

Make sure you read the #No.1 Fix to Solve Cricket 07 related Issues on Windows 10 as it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Can We Play EA Cricket 07 on Windows 10?

First and foremost I want to make this thing very clear that Yes, you can play cricket 07 game on your Windows 10 PC.

As we mentioned it at the start because many gamers frequently ask us whether I can play cricket 07 on my newly installed Windows 10 on not. And the answer is Yes, one can definitely play ea cricket 2007 on Windows 10.

So, whether you have Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home, you can enjoy this game on your system.

Now, let us share the #BEST Solution that can save you a lot of time at a little cost so that you can download, install and effortlessly play ea cricket 07 game on you pc/laptop followed by the minimum system requirements…

Minimum System Requirements for EA Cricket 2007 Game

#BEST Solution to Solve almost all issues related to Cricket 07 on Win 10

I agree that Windows 10 has some issues running one of the finest cricket game i.e cricket 07. But, I also believe that many users make some silly mistakes by which their cricket 07 game doesn’t work.

Downloading the full version from a reliable and trustworthy source is the #BEST solution to solve almost all the issues related to Cricket 07.

Most users agree to this point but they are not aware of reliable sources. If you’re also wondering a good source, then, continue reading as We’ve covered it in the next section…

From which “reliable” source you should download EA Cricket 2007 Game?

Knowing from which source to download is very important. The full & complete edition of EA Cricket 2007 is available on very few websites & rest are either busy showing ads after ads, requesting facebook page likes, or providing compressed versions.

Out of all, MEGACricketStudio Store is the most reliable and trusted source to download your desired game rather it be EA Cricket 2007 or VIVO IPL 2021 gameNo need to google. It’s this website only. We provide one-click direct download, 100% authentic game files + free installation support & yes, you can rely on us for working of your game.

As of now, more than 5000 people have downloaded/purchased the cricket 2007 game from MEGACricketStudio Store. Here’s an snapshot of MEGACricketStudio Shop page…

Now that you got to know about a reliable source, here’s how to download cricket 07 from MEGACricketStudio Store…

How to Download Cricket 07 Game on Windows 10?

Cricket 2007 can be downloaded via product page, so, first let’s understand how you can easily download it from the product page. Here’s a snap of how product page looks like…

Step 1: Visit this special link or click the green button below to land on the cricket 2007 game’s product page where you can get complete info about the game.

Step 2: Now, click on the “Buy Now button” the button in Blue Colour to proceed to checkout. (Refer image below)

Step 3: On the Cart page, Verify the details of the Game and click on Proceed to Checkout. (Refer image below)

Step 4: On the checkout page, Enter your Billing details like Name, Email etc and then choose your preferred payment method. Next, Click on “Purchase Now button” & complete the transaction. [Refer image below ↓]

Step 5: After the successful transaction, you’ll be redirected to the download page, here you’ll get to download the Full version of EA Sports Cricket 2007 pc game. Just Click on the download button to download the game file. [Refer image below ↓]

*Note: The Downloading process may seem complicated but it’s not & also it takes only 30 to 45 secs. So, head over to the product page now, complete the transaction & get the original and full version of cricket 07 game within just 2 mins.

How to Install Cricket 07 on Windows 10?

Step by Step Installation of EA Cricket 2007 Game:

*Note: The Steps shown below are for the Original version of Cricket 07 game. (If you don’t have, then you can Get the original & full version of Cricket 07 here)

Step 1: After downloading, go to your download folder and locate the downloaded file.

Step 2: Right click on the downloaded .zip & select extract here to unzip the file. You can use 7zip/winrar software to do the extraction.

Step 3: After successful extraction, open the Cricket 07 by MEGACricketStudio folder and then look for the .exe file.

Now, double click and Start the game from Cricket07.exe and then start enjoying the EA Cricket 2007 game. That’s it. No CD/Activation code etc needed to run this game.

*Note: For most of the users the game will start but for some users the game may not work at this point. So, for those who face issues, continue reading as I’ve shown the steps to make it work/run in the next section…

Fix – Cricket 07 not working in Windows 10 | Best Possible Solution’s

If your cricket 07 is not working in Windows 10, then you don’t need to search for how to run cricket 07 in windows 10. As mentioned earlier, We’ve already made detailed articles on this website..

Just by following the below mentioned 2 Simple & Easy Methods/Settings you can make cricket 07 work in Windows 10.

We have detailed articles on this topic, In case you want to explore…

  1. Follow these 2 Methods to make EA Cricket 07 work on Windows 10
  2. EA Cricket 07.exe Stopped Working

*A Side Note: The below-provided methods are proven & tested methods. It has worked for most of the Windows 10 users. So, don not hesitate to apply these methods as it won’t break your pc.

Solution 1 – Change Cricket 07.exe Compatibility

Step 1: Open the Cricket 07 by MEGACricketStudio folder and look for cricket07.exe file (the one from which you run the game). Now, right-click on it and select the last option i.e properties. (Refer image below ↓)

Step 2: The properties setting of the .exe will open. By default, you’ll be on the General Tab. So, first thing to do is switch to the Compatibility Tab then in the compatibility mode, you will see a small checkbox on the left of “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. Here, you have to check this box. (Refer image below ↓)

Step 3: After you check that box, you’ll be able to select the compatibility mode. From the dropdown, select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows 7.

*Note: Both of the options works fine but I recommend using Windows XP (Sp3), as it makes cricket 07 run smoothly in Windows 10. (Refer image below ↓)

Step 4: Click on Apply & then click on OK to save these new settings.

Now, run the cricket07.exe application and see if it works. Mostly the game starts working after applying this compatibility setting. If it does, great & if it doesn’t then worry not. We have another method. So, continue reading…

Solution 2 – Set Custom Resolution for Cricket 07 Game

*Note: This method is for two types of users. One is for users with Graphics card and other is for Users without Graphics card. Follow the one that suits…

Users with Graphics Card:

In this method, you have to change your resolution to “640×480”.

If your system has graphics, then you’ll get some options related to the graphics driver when you simply right-click on the desktop.

Step 1: Right-click and select the graphics option, after that select Display option, and then on the left panel or right panel you’ll see an option to set ‘Custom resolution‘.

Step 2: Head over to custom resolution tab and then Set width as 640 and height as 480, also for refresh rate put the value 60 & then on the bottom right you’ll see a + sign, click on that and select add.

Step 3: Go to the game folder & run the game via cricket07.exe and see the changes.

*Note – This is for users who have a graphics card, to check whether you have or not, simply right-click on the desktop and if you see any Intel, NVIDIA, etc option that means you have that graphics installed and you can set a custom resolution by following the above method.

For those who don’t see any graphics option then here’s what you can do…

Users without Graphics Card:

If your system doesn’t have graphics, then no worries, you can still apply this resolution method.

Step 1: Open the compatibility Settings by following Step 1 & 2 shown in Method 1, then under the compatibility mode, you’ll see some additional settings option.

Step 2: Here, look for this setting – “Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution”.

By default, it will be unchecked. So, hover your mouse and check the option Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution.

Step 3: Next, click on apply & then click on OK to apply these new settings.

Step 4: Go to the game folder & run the game via cricket07.exe and see if it works.

*Note: After applying this setting the cricket 2007 game will definitely work. If it doesn’t, please talk to us in the comments section. Now, if your cricket 07 is working on Windows 10 but it’s lagging, then here are some possible fixes…

Fix – Cricket 07 lagging Issue in Windows 10 | Useful Tips

If your cricket 07 isn’t working that smooth, then you don’t need to search for how to run cricket 07 smoothly in windows 10. As mentioned earlier, We have also covered this in great detail.

Just follow the below mentioned tips & you’ll be able to make your game run smoothly…

Changing the cricket07.exe compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP3) is the #Best solution to fix lagging issue of cricket 07 game.

All the methods/settings are tried and tested, so, you’re just a few clicks away to solve your cricket 07 issues. If you would like to enhance your cricket 07 experience then continue reading as We have covered some of the best ways in the next section…

How to Enhance EA Cricket 2007 Experience?

If you’re bored of old cricket 07, wrong player names, tournaments, then you don’t need to stop playing this game or look for alternatives. Instead look for the ways you can enhance it and keep enjoying the most realistic cricket game.

Just follow the below mentioned tips & you’ll be able to enhance your cricket 07 gaming experience…

Here are a few quality recommendations if you want to apply mods…

By the end of this tutorial, your cricket 07 game should work and all your queries like cricket 07 not working in windows 10, cricket 07 lagging in Windows 10, etc should be solved.

Also, we have provided cricket 07 for windows 10. You can download the original version of the game from below.

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