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The all NEW International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch is now available for MEGA Cricket Studio users. Check out the Features and Download the All New International Cricket 2021 REWIND Game for your PC/Laptop.

Powered by MEGA Cricket Studio, in association with A2 Studios & HD StudioZ, now the wait is over we bring you the hot A² Studios x HD StudioZ India Vs England Back Home Patch 2021 for EA Sports Cricket 2007. Lead your team to glory with this patch. The truly global cricket simulation from A2 Studios x HD StudioZ, the leading name in authentic, realistic cricket action, A²+HD Studios India Vs England Back Home Patch 2021 allows you to take control of your team, from club through national level, and lead them to T20, ODI, or Test Match glory. A²+HD Studios India Vs England Back Home Patch 2021 contains High Quality Kits of all participant teams, beautifully modelled and textured stadiums, incredibly HD Logos, overlays, realistic faces of all players, up to dated squads of all teams, and much more. Mouthwatering! Isn’t it. So just download the patch & read out the instruction of how to install the patch. Test yourself then believe!

Release Date: May 28, 2021                                          Genre: Sports

Developer: A2 Studio & HD StudioZ                             Publisher: MEGA Cricket Studio

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Customer's Ratings: 4.93/5

*Note: Click on the Section to open and read the info

Disclosure: This is not an official cricket game by BCCI or EA Sports & it’s not licensed by any of the company. This is an modded version game in which there are tons of new features that give the complete look of real life cricket, International tournaments, and more importantly the England Tour of India 2021 matches, and you can enjoy it on your pc. This is purely developed by A2 Studios and HD Studioz modders & MEGA Cricket Studio as a partner of HD StudioZ provides platform where you can download such modded games at affordable prices.

India vs England 2021 Back Home Game Teaser

Requirements for India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch

India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch Snapshots

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Customer's Ratings: 4.93/5

India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch Features

As it’s a Paid Game, there’s something that you need to know before buying/downloading the game. Originally priced at Rs.499, but as the Sale is going on, you can get this game for Rs.79 only!

*Side note: You won’t get the game’s direct download link on any other website for free or at cheaper rate. Most sites are fooling people & not providing the game. We are authentic & we provide one-click direct download links, as soon as you complete the purchase. Also the game get delivered to your Email.

How to Download India vs England 2021 Back Home Game in PC/Laptop?

Step by Step guide depicting the whole downloading process of India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch:

India vs England 2021 Back Home Game can be downloaded via product page, so, let’s understand how you can download it from Product page. Here’s a snapshot of how our Store looks like…

Step 1: Visit this special link to land on the India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch’s Product page where you can get complete info about the game.

Step 2: Now, click on the “Buy Now button” the button in Blue Colour to proceed to checkout. (Refer image below)

Step 3: On the Cart page, Verify the details of the Game and click on Proceed to Checkout. (Refer image below)

Step 4: On the checkout page, Enter your Billing details like Name, Email etc and then choose your preferred payment method. Next, Click on “Purchase Now button” & complete the transaction. (Refer image below)

Step 5: After the successful transaction, you’ll be redirected to the download page, here you’ll get to download the India vs England 2021 Back Home Game. (Refer image below)

*Note: Also an Automated Email has been delivered to your Email address that you provided.

Step 6: Just Click on the Orange Strip under Download Column which contain your Download Links. & your browser will start downloading the latest India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch.

*Note: We are providing 100% Safe and Secured downloads, No Ads, No redirects, No popups, in between. Clean, Fast and secured. Buy the game and experience our premium service.

How to Install India vs England 2021 Back Home in PC/Laptop?

Step 1: Download and Install Cricket 07 game in a folder (Get Cricket 07 game here)

Step 2: Visit this link and complete the purchase & download the India vs England 2021 Back Home Game. After downloading, 

Step 3: Extract A² & HD Studio India Vs England Back Home 2021 and Run A² & HD Studio India Vs England Back Home 2021 Patch.exe and install it anywhere in your computer. 

Step 4: After Installation an WinRAR Self Extraction Setup will open that will install India vs England  Back Home 2021 Patch. Install it  anywhere in your system.

Step 5: After successful installation, There will be 3 Folders namely

  • Add Ons (Copy as per need from folder)
  • Full Patch with Ea Sports Cricket 07
  • Roster ( To Be Pasted In My Documents )

Step 6: Open Roster ( To Be Pasted in My Documents ) Folder and copy and paste EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 Folder to My Documents.

There are 3 Rosters in India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch

  • ODI21.ros
  • TEST21.ros
  • T2021.ros

Step 7: Now Open Full Patch with Ea Sports Cricket 07 Folder and Run the game as administrator from Run Game Using This EXE.exe. It will ask you to select the root directory of EA Cricket 07. Simply select the path of patch ( that EA Cricket 07 Folder where you installed the game) and game will launch.

If your game did not starts, Run the game from If The Other doesnt run, Use this.exe

Step 8: Next, Go to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load roster > ‘TEST21.ros’ or ‘T2021.ros’  or ‘ODI21.ros’ & Start Enjoying India vs England 2021 Back Home Patch for EA Cricket 07.

As you can see the installation of this India vs England 2021 Back Home for EA Cricket 07 Cricket game is quite easy. Just follow the above step by step guide provided above or else refer to the guide provided with the game.

*Note: The installation is pretty self-explanatory. Additionally, we have provided an installation guide in the video given below which you can refer to.

Game Developers/ Credits

S.NoPatch Credits
1Graphic SetArpit / Shailesh
3KitpackShailesh Kumar / RSK
4Team LogosArpit
5Overlay & ScorecardsDD GFX
6StadiumsDhrumil / Akash
8Tournament FixturesAJ
10Menu/MiscShailesh Kumar

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