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The all NEW International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch is now available for MEGA Cricket Studio users. Check out the Features and Download the All New International Cricket 2021 REWIND Game for your PC/Laptop.

The Bowling Speed Assigner allows you to change the speed of the delivery of bowler. You can increase as well as decrease the speed of the bowler.

preview | application made by Ankit

  • The original 6db25817c37163921676c2d9be05214e.xml(Speed file) has been provided in the .rar, paste it into your Cricket 07 root directory.
  • Use separate copies of the Speed File provided for separate rosters,otherwise problems will occur.
  • After you double click and run the program, it will ask for a roster and then 6db25817c37163921676c2d9be05214e.xml file(which is the pace file).
  • Select a player and in the box below enter the speed of the bowler in Km/Hr and click on Set Speeds button.
  • Keep on doing it and at the end click on Save & Exit button.
  • If you want to change the roster or the pace file click on Open Speed File and Open Roster respectively.
  • If a player has been assigned speed twice in the same speed file then the most recent value inputted will be read by the game.

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