November 2006, Electronic Arts is delighted to announce the return of England cricket hero Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff to the front of pack for the forthcoming EA SPORTS Cricket 07. Utilizing the groundbreaking EA SPORTS (TM) Century Stick control system, players can enjoy full batting control over foot choice, shot, direction, power and timing, all governed through the use of both analogue sticks. EA SPORTS Cricket 07 will be released worldwide to coincide with the start of the Ashes series.
With this announcement made, EA SPORTS Cricket 07 became world wide hit and in 2021, every cricket lover still loves the all time hit.
After a wait for almost 14 years, here we are with so many articles for EA SPORTS Cricket 07 in place. MEGA Cricket Studio complied so many articles on EA SPORTS Cricket 07 at one place and you can grab all of them here. So just sit back and relax. Happy Reading.

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