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It’s been years now, that we are enjoying the Cricket 07 and it’s amazing modded Patches which are far better than many old cricket games & somewhere better when compared to the latest cricket games.

I know most of you’ll agree to this fact which is not loved by non-cricket 07 lovers. Well, I can’t do anything for them, instead, I help those who love this cricket game.

I recently came to know that, Some fascinated gamers are facing an Error – async load error of either (.fsh) or (.big).

If you are one of them then Don’t worry, I’ll help you to solve this error which you can implement & get this error solved within minutes.

Before proceeding further, I recommend you to check out this helpful Cricket 07 Batting guide in which I have shared all the keyboard controls including combination keys…

Before heading over straight to the solutions, I want you to know some about the errors, what are the causes, here I’ll try to make you understand the reason in my own words.


Understanding the Reason

This error occurs mostly in modded patches, and rarely in the original cricket 07 games as it’s caused by Rosters which consists of correctly assigned bats (.fsh files) and player faces (.big files).

The modders work really hard to provide the best features and therefore they do all the backend work as much as possible and let you directly download, Install & then run the game without doing any more manual work.

As I mentioned earlier, this is caused by the roster. The modders create a roster for a particular patch then Install a self-created bat files in the game along with accurately designed face files. Now one by one they assign a bat file and a face file to each and every player with the help of software called Player Editor.

After setting up every minute detail, they test it and if it works perfectly then they release their official patch.

Our Cricket 07 game loads every detail. The bat file, the face file, stats, etc assigned to a particular player through the player editor.

Wait, it might look like I’m explaining how rosters are created or something different. I’m just sharing the process, where the mistakes happen.

Sometimes the .big file or .fsh file is renamed or deleted by the modder when they focus on modifying some other stuff.

As it’s impossible to remember such a file name – 1e7afbdbc27d50df5a05f0ad26101ab3.fsh & determine whether it contains a bat, face or a Stadium file. Seriously it’s impossible.

Summing up, it’s simply a roster error and means that this __ file is missing.

For eg, if you have installed VIVO IPL 2021 patch and you loaded the roster of ICC CWC 2019 patch, oops, async error is possible in these situations.

And that’s why I always recommend loading the right roster, which also prevents other crashes.

I hope, I kept my point in the simplest manner which is understandable. Now, let’s know how to solve it.

The Best Available Solutions
There are two solutions for 2 known situations, for eg if you face async error in cricket 07 original game then solution 1 is your go-to method and if you face async error in patches then solution 2 is your go-to method. I have explained it in detail here…

Solution 1 – FSH Errors

If you see the (.fsh) error in Cricket 07 game then Installing a bat-pack is the Simplest Solution.

You can use any of the batpack provided above, but the recommended one is KP 256 HD Batpack.

Don’t worry, you can try any of the bat-pack, but make sure to leave the name of the batpack in the comment box (which worked or didn’t worked for you) so that everyone can know and the new ones find the perfect batpack with the help of your review.

Solution 2 – FSH & Big Errors

Let’s assume that you have Installed one of the patch which is showing either batpack or face file error, in this case, you can’t install any new batpack as it already comes with batpack.[Mostly patches come with batpack pre-installed & setuped]

In this situation, you have to do some additional work.

First, run the game & when the async error box appears, note down the file name on a piece of paper or in any note app in your android.

Then exit the game and go to the game folder.

Let’s consider you got an error for a filename – 4a3860a0b96a5c68b31cbb275366d422.big which means your patch is missing this file.

Now the next step is to find any .big file of the same patch and then copy it to a new folder [create it for a temporary period].

For eg, you copied this .big file – 0da1d3043ec0e815b2ab9280b68ea7b2. Now we need to rename this file. Right-click on this file and choose rename option or simply press F2, then paste the file name which you have noted down, I’ll rename it to 4a3860a0b96a5c68b31cbb275366d422.

Then press enter on the keyboard, now copy & paste this file to the game folder. Open the game, load the roster, and Hurray! The problem is solved and now you can enjoy the patch.

It’s very simple, you can implement this trick and you can solve the errors within minutes.

One more important thing to note:
If errors are shown for multiple files then don’t use this the method as it may take hours to get it solved. If this is the situation then delete all the game files along with the roster file and then re-install it with guided steps.

That sits, these are the methods I know which work in most cases. Let I know how many of you are facing this error and how many of you have solved the errors.

Final Words

Today in this short tutorial, I tried to explain the causes and also provided the best solutions for it, but they are useless if you don’t use it to solve your issue, also this tutorial will be of no value for the visitor who visited it later than you, as you read it and just left it without your review.

I request you’ll to respond and get involved. Comment and let me know if there are more ways to solve this async error so that I can update this tutorial with more helpful solutions.

What’s the meaning of the error?
The ___.big/fsh file is missing from the game.

What’s the known cause of this error?
➤The roster file

What are the best ways to solve this error?
➤Method 1 & Method 2

It would hardly take 2 – 5 minutes for you to take the required action and also comment on this tutorial.

I tried to help you in my own way, hope you find it easy!
Keep Enjoying, Cricket 07 & the patches…

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