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Since 2008, we all are enjoying amazing patches created by modders. But still, we all desire cricket 07 to be better & more for this legendary game.

Right from Main-menu to Stadiums, everything is updated and accurately created by modders for most of the patches. Thankfully, modders were & are successful in providing the most desired stuff i.e HD player faces and accurate rosters. You can find it on Archive Section on this website.

I believe that we are blessed enough to enjoy these mods developed by skilled modders. But back in the year 2006-07, no one had any idea of modding or even amending small changes to this cricket 07 game. In those days, one of the popular keywords maybe this – “How to change the player name in cricket 07?”

Only Eng, Aus, Nz & Saf teams have the right player names. Other teams player names were really funny, but hey, do you know why?

Read this post to get more info about licensing & player rights that lead to incorrect & hilarious names for most of the players in international teams.

You may not know the reason – why the game developers had to make such innovations for player names. 

There were licensing issues that EA Sports had to face during the development of the game. They only got licenses for 4 International teams which were – England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The other national teams which were mainly from South Asia such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc weren’t licensed.

This is the reason EA Sports had to change the names of all the players from Asian teams.

Many stadiums in the game were also generic and unlicensed like Kolkata, Faisalabad, etc. However, stadiums from England and Australia were definitely licensed and closely replicated with their real-life versions.

The old C07 roster is full of funny names, but we are bringing you the top 20 most Hilarious names that will definitely make you laugh very hard.

We are providing the exact names picked from the Old roster and also the correct names on the Right side. Let’s dive in!

Top 20 Hilarious Player Names List

20. S.Tendeher – Sachin Tendulkar [India]

Indian Top Order Batsmen – “Sachin Tendulkar”, widely known as God of Cricket. Sachin’s name was improvised as “S.Tendeher” by developers of the Cricket 07 game. He is the only batsman to score 100 international centuries. He has achieved all the major awards in our Country, right from Khel Ratna to Bharat Ratna. The improvised name “Tendeher” is really funny and holds the 20th position on the list.

19. I.Mahatra –  Ishwar Maraj [Canada]

Left Handed Batsmen & Right-arm off-break bowler Ishwar Maraj was named as “I.Mahatra” in cricket 07 game. This Canadian cricketer holds the world record for the slowest half-century in a world cup match. He is player no.19 on the list.

18. Shahid Akhti – Shoaib Akhtar [Pakistan]


Known as the fastest bowler in the world “Shoaib Akhtar” was named “Shahid Akhti” in cricket 07. This Pakistani cricketer holds the world record of the fastest delivery bowled 161.3 km/h [100.23 mph]. Rawalpindi Express has left the station and arrived on no.18 on the list.

17. Harman Sakir – Hannan Sarkar [Bangladesh]


Canadian cricketer “Desmond Chumney” was named as “D.Chutney” in cricket 07. He was a member of the Candian team in both ICC CWC 2003 & 2007. Really funny improvisation by game developers in making “Chutney”. This Chutney ranks 5th on the list.

4. M.Athrapatta – Marvan Atapattu [Srilanka]

Former Srilankan Cricketer “Marvan Atapattu” was named as “M.Athrapatta” in cricket 07. He is also known as one of the most stylish open in world cricket and has scored six double centuries in Tests for Srilanka. The improvisation in making “Athrapatta” ranks 4th on the list.

3. S.Chowdapull – Shivnarine Chanderpaul [West Indies]

Former West-Indian cricketer & captain “Shivnarine Chanderpaul” was named  “S.Chowdapull” in cricket 07. He is the first Indo-Caribbean to play 100 tests for West Indies, & 3rd player with International Carrier span over two decades. The developers innovated a great name for a Great Batsman. “S.Chowdapull” ranks 3rd on the list.

2. M.Murgalidaron – Muttiah Muralitharan [Srilanka]

Former Srilankan Cricketer and one of the best Test bowler “Muttiah Muralitharan” was named “M.Murgalidaron” in cricket 07. He holds the world record for most wickets in Test as well as one-day cricket. The only Srilankan inducted by ICC in the ICC Hall of Fame. The improvisation in making “Murgalidaron” ranks 2nd on the list.

1. S.Joyusupra – Sanath Jayasuriya [Srilanka]

The first batsman to get out on the first delivery of a world cup match. The unique record holder “Hannan Sarkar” was named as “Harman Sakir” in cricket 07. This unique name “Harman Sakir” ranks no.17 on the list.   

16. Sarja Muchte – Saqlain Mushtaq [Pakistan]

“Saqlain Mushtaq” is regarded as one of the best spin bowlers in the history of cricket and known for bowling leg-breaks with off-break action. His name was innovated as “Sarja Muchte” in cricket 07 game and he is player no. 16 on the list.

15. V.Lexingten – VVS Laxman [India]

“Laxman” – Right-handed class batsman known for elegant strokeplay was named “V.Lexingten” in cricket 07 game. Laxman is one of the few players who have played 100 Tests without ever playing in a Cricket World Cup. The Innovation “Lexingten” is no.15 on the list.

14. D.Dhenier – MS Dhoni [India]

The New name for Former Indian Legendary Captain “MS Dhoni” is literally out of the box. He was named as “D.Dhenier” in cricket 07 game. MS is also known as World’s Best Finisher, his innovated name is on no.14 on the list.

13. A.Charpa – Aakash Chopra [India]

The popular YouTube channel owner, commentator & Former Indian Test cricketer “Aakash Chopra” was named “A.Charpa” in cricket 07 game. The game developer’s missed the #aakashvani in those days and therefore invented a funny name “A.Charpa” for A.Chopra. This innovation ranks on no.13 on the list.

12. S.Gungly – Sourav Ganguly [India]

Former Indian Captain “Sourav Ganguly” who is also known as “Dada”
was named as “S.Gungly” in cricket 07 game. One of the greatest ODI batsmen of all time. Dada is 39th & Current BBCI President. The hilarious name “Gungly” ranks 12th on the list.

11. D.Dusgapte – Deep Dasgupta  [India]

Former Indian Cricketer and now a commentator “Deep Dasgupta” was named “D.Dusgapte” in cricket 07. He played 8 Tests and 5 ODI’s for India as a wicketkeeper-batsman between the years 2001 & 2006. The hilarious name “Dusgapte” ranks 11th on the list.

10. A.Mistar –  Amit Mishra [India]

Attacking Leg break bowler “Amit Mishra” was named “A.Mistar” in cricket 07. In 2003, he made his ODI debut vs SAF. In 2013, Amit Mishra became the first player in IPL history to take three hat-tricks. “A.Mistar” ranks 10th on the list.

9. D.Monika – Dinesh Mongia  [India]

Former Indian Cricketer with good First class carrier “Dinesh Mongia” was named as “D.Monika” in cricket 07. He has scored more than 8000 runs in First-class cricket with  27 centuries, 28 half-centuries. His highest score is 308 in First class cricket. His unique name “Monika” ranks 9th on the list.

8. D.Brasco – Dwayne Bravo  [West Indies]

West Indian All-rounder & a pure entertainer “Dwayne Bravo” also known as DJ Bravo was named “D.Brasco” in cricket 07. In Oct 2018, he announced his retirement from international cricket in all formats but continues to play franchise T20 cricket all over the world. The hilarious name “Brasco” ranks 8th on the list.

7. Shara Aphred – Shahid Afridi  [Pakistan]

Former Pakistan Cricketer cum Star “Shahid Afridi” also known as “Boom Boom” was named “Shara Aphred” in cricket 07. Along with retirements and returns in International cricket, Afridi has no. of records, has taken more than 350 wickets in ODI. Mr.Boom Boom – the Longest six-hitter (158m) ranks 7th on the list. 

6. K.Sangapoora – Kumar Sangakkara  [Srilanka]

Former Srilankan Captain & also one of the all-time greats “Kumar Sangakkara” was named “K.Sangapoora” in cricket 07. This legendary left-handed batsman has plenty of records including world records like the First player to score 150+scores in four consecutive test matches. Also, he has won major awards like ICC Test & ICC ODI player of the year in his great carrier. The improvisation in making it “Sangapoora” ranks 6th on the list.

5. D.Chutney – Desmond Chumney [Canada]

Former Srilankan Cricketer and one of the greatest cricketers of all time “Sanath Jayasuriya” was named “S.Joyusupra” in cricket 07. He was a great all-rounder, who had an international carrier that spread over two decades. He is the only player to score 12,000 runs and capture more than 300 wickets in one-day cricket and therefore considered as one of the best all-rounders in the history of limited-overs cricket. “Joyusupra” holds the 1st position in this list.

Woah! The list is over but not the laughter. We hope, you all enjoyed this top 20 list of hilarious player names in our loved game – cricket 07. 

As we all know this game had and has lots of issues, but still, is considered to be one of the best. Thankfully nowadays, we have tools like player editor, etc to modify the game as per our desires. From 2006 to 2010-11, gamers were forced to enjoy this game which had such hilarious player names and other irrelevant features.

Anyways, those times have passed and now we have a bunch of helpful tools & tutorials to modify cricket 07. You don’t need to search google for any guides or tutorials, all will be available on this site very soon.

Comment and share, which name was the funniest and you laughed like crazy. 

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