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If you are Cricket Games lover then perhaps you may have came across the term – cricket 07 patches from a long period of time. Let’s get back to the history of existence of cricket 07 patches.

As we all know that EA Sports Stopped developing Cricket Games after Cricket 07. Read here to know exactly why?

After the release of Cricket 07 for PC way back in 2006, The gamers felt bad about the discontinuation of the cricket series as they wanted more realistic features in the game. Some of them then started mining into the game and find the possibility of modifiying the game features. Way back then a patch arrived into the scene by the name CRICKET 2008 which was just a unofficial patch made by modders with updated kits, stadium, gameplay,  roster and my many more stuff. This gained a huge attention of cricket gamers all over the world especially Asian countries. The numbers of downloads were increasing day by day and this brought new opportunities for the patch modders. Read the article completely to know about patch modders.

What are Patches?
A patch is a set of changes to a game or its supporting data designed to update, fix, or improve it which basically contain new features for the game. You can say, updates or new version of the game.

The secret behind new patches is that the old EA Cricket 07 game can be modified even today as of in 2019 and for so many years because this game is designed in such a way that anyone with little knowledge can make changes into the game. And this is the only reason we are still getting abundance of patches till today’s date.

You may have seen a lots of .big and .fsh files?
They are the files which are mainly updated or say modified by any patch modders and designers. Now let’s know the types of the patches.
Types of Patches for EA Cricket 07?
A patch can be of any form starting from as small just a team kit to combination of all the stuff that is being made and making it a combination of all the patch to get a whole new experience of the game.
MEGA Patch
International Patch
Domestic Patch
Series Patch
Mini Patch

Apart from these 5 types, there are Batpack patch, kits patch, overlay patch, roster patch and many more which can be find out in our Archive section in the header of this website.To know more about it and download a patch, visit our patches section here.

If you haven’t got any idea about any of these, i will say in precise that kits patch contain new kits files, stadiums patch contain new stadium files. These contain new files which provides a new and better gaming experience. MEGA Patch is kingpin of all of these as it contain everything that you could expect with latest tournaments in hand with everything updated from stadiums to kits to fixtures and so on. All these files are modified by patch modders which gives a whole new look to EA Sports Cricket 07.

Who are Patch Modders?
They are the individuals who work on modifying the game to take the exeperice of the game to the next level. Some individuals work alone and some of them collaborate in a group and work together. There is no doubt if you ever tried and downloaded a patch, you may have came across the names like A2 Studios, GM StudioZ, HD StudioZ and many more. They are group of individuals who collaborate and publish patches for Cricket 07 lovers on PlanetCricket as well as there own websites.

Some of the popular modders are. 

These guys work so hard to provide us the patches and stuffs. Theses guys should be respected and appreciated for there work in the field. Patch modders started releasing there content way back in 2008 in PlanetCricket forum. Many modders came and gone but due to the popularity of the game, new modders are coming and working on the game to make this game survive in the age of ultra graphic intensive gaming world.

Every year many new patches are released. You may have came across EA Sports Cricket 2019, on a serious note, it is not made by EA, it is a MEGA Patch that is developed the modding studios for Cricket 07. It contains Tournaments and fixtures of 2018 and 2019, new kits, overlays, bats and graphics etc. If a patch is released in 2015 it will contain tournaments and files of 2014 and 2015 as simple as that.

How to install patches in Cricket 07?
As far as installing a patch in EA Sports Cricket 07, you simply need to extract or copy the patch file to the place where you have installed Cricket 07. If you are wondering about any Basic Game Tutorials for Cricket 07, head towards Carnage Tutorials to know more about Cricket 07

Talking about patch modding, it is not an easy task, you should have a detailed knowledge of the Cricket 07. Apart from these, different tools, software that are being used should be known and obviously the skill. Creating a MEGA patch is the hardest thing of all as it comes with loads of features. One if wanted to be a patch maker, one should enjoy the process. You can create your own Cricket 07 patches! Want to know how, Visit Patch Making Tutorials for Cricket 07 by Carnage Tutorials to know more about Cricket 07 Modding.

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