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As we all know cricket is a very exciting game and at times it can be very intense. For fans who would like to have a taste of what it is like to play this thrilling sport, EA Sports Cricket 2007 is here to give you just that. With its multiple camera angles and 3D graphics, players will get to enjoy playing on the Cricket field like a real professional. Thanks to the groundbreaking EA SPORTS™ Century Stick control system, batting has become more intuitive, responsive and rewarding than ever.

It is an amazing cricket model computer video game which is developed by HB Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the label of EA Sports.Cricket 2007 is a very addictive game to play that will have you hopping from one tournament to another. Even players who are not originally fans of the sport will end up becoming one with how engaging the gameplay is. The game on some official channels have stats that Cricket 07 is downloaded over 4 Millions times. But the fun fact is that the game is available on many unofficial channels. So this count can reach to who knows around 20-25 Millions downloads.
But do you know? 
After Cricket 07, EA Sports never developed a Cricket Game. Do you want to know the reason.

READ HERE: Why EA Sports Stopped Developing Cricket Games?

So after you end up your mind for downloading the Cricket 07, the question arises from where to download? how to download ? which version to download ? This article will solve all your difficulties for sure.

Do you need more information on Cricket 07 like the requirements of the game, various tours and tournament You can go and follow up Cricket 2007 page that contain all information of the game. Also you can download the game for free there.

Now the actual problem arises which version to download. You have seen there are two versions mention in the download section of Cricket 07. Are both of them same or is there any difference between these two versions of the game.

So let’s finish the confusion for the last time. It might be contradictory to this, but both of them are same still both of them are different. Got confused ? Let’s clear the air. 

As you all know that EA Sports Cricket 07 was released by HB Studios under banner of EA Sports way back in 2006. The game was distributed across the world in Compact Disk/Digital versatile Disk (CD/DVD) format. There are 2 Disk of EA Sports Cricket 07. For installing Original Version you require key every time for installing any game because at that time, only the key was treated as the unique ownership of the product. As many of Cricket lovers across Asia felt it difficult to buy the game, an individual cracked the game and made Cricket 07 available for free. Today Cricket 07 is loved by millions because of its simplicity. 

The original version of Cricket 07 is nothing but the installer that was present in those CD/DVD which was officially distributed by EA Sports globally. You can download the original version of Cricket 07 here. The installer that is available on our website is not 100% original as you need CD/DVD at that time to run the game. So we are providing the original installer with crack to the game so that game can run without CD/DVD. The installer size is around 1.02 GB. For more information on how to install Cricket 07 Original version click here. We have provided a detailed installation process there so that you can easily install the game. 

If you want to take experience of originality of the game, you can download the Original Version otherwise go for Modified version as more hardwork is required for installing the Cricket 07 from original version.EXE whereas modified version is simply and fast.

The modified version of Cricket 07 is the fastest and reliable source for downloading Cricket 07. It is the most downloaded version of Cricket 07. The installer version is 1.0 which is quite remarkable in terms of feasibility as this version do not require you to crack the game. The game is already cracked and modified in such a way that you have to just install and play the game. The installer size is 837 MB. This version is quite popular in the modding scenario and the users who play Cricket 07 with patches. Don’t know what are patches for Cricket 07? click here for more details. You can download the Modified version of Cricket 07 here. We have provided a detailed installation process that you will appreciate for sure.

So we think now there is no mist left in regard of Cricket 07 versions as both are same still both are different in there own ways.You can download any of the versions as per your requirement.We recommend you to go with modified version as it is simple and fast.

Download Original Cricket 07 Game

Download Original Cricket 07 Game

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