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Got tired of putting back again and again the player who’s outside the team but you want it in all the time? Well, here’s the solution – Line-up Editor by AbBh. Yes, you can even edit your 11-player squad with Line-up editor and to make matters epic, you can edit your opponent team’s squads. Pretty cool eh, this is just to make the gameplay more realistic!


 This editor allows you to edit the squads and set different squads for Limited and Unlimited Overs matches.


  1. You need to select a roster when you run the editor. You can set the roster as default by selecting the ‘Set as Default’ checkbox from the Select Roster dialog. This will prevent the editor from asking for a roster each time it runs. The roster can be changed later by selecting Open Roster from the File menu. After loading the roster the complete list of players is displayed on the right hand side.
  2. To add a player to a squad highlight the position you want him to occupy in the squad and then double click on the player from the list.
  3. You can change the batting order by dragging players in either direction in the squad. You can toggle between the Limited Overs and Unlimited Overs squads from the View menu.
  4. You can set a player as Captain, Wicketkeeper or one of the 6 bowlers by right clicking on the player and selecting the appropriate option. Doing this is necessary.
  5. Please check the Error Report from the View menu to make sure there aren’t any errors with the line-ups after editing them. If there are any warnings in the report then the game may crash.
  6. Don’t forget to save the line-ups before you exit.


 You need to run the game using the OMGAyush Cric12 to use the edited line-ups. OMGAyush Cric12.exe is a modfied exe for EA Sports Cricket 07 which replaces the original Cricket07.exe

Load the roster(which you used while editing the line-ups) within the game. Using any other roster may cause the game to crash.

Unless you edit the lineups for both the teams participating in the match the edited lineups wont be used. It is advisable to use download an edited lineup file and edit only to the teams you wish to change.

If the game crashes please re-read the instructions carefully.

If you happen to find what you think is a bug, please post your lineups.dat and roster file along with a description of the bug. If you don’t post a description, I’ll be forced to ignore it.

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