International Cricket 2021


The all NEW International Cricket 2021 REWIND Patch is now available for MEGA Cricket Studio users. Check out the Features and Download the All New International Cricket 2021 REWIND Game for your PC/Laptop.

This tool allows you to edit tournament file.


Complete overhaul in the code providing faster loading/saving than ever.
Now a Wizard has been made to walk you through the process of editing a tournament.
Super fast and user-friendly fixtures editor which can be saved after editing all the matches.
Keep an eye on the bottom of the application, it will give you tips of what to do.

Definitions can be added/edited/deleted through tmtInfo.mdb file which is included.
If you want the source code (of the older version) you can download it Here
Required: .NET Framework 2+ (Download Here)


  1. Knockout Cup
    Long Australian Tour
  2. Long English Tour
  3. Zealand/Zimbabwe Tour
  4. Short Australian Tour
  5. Short English Tour
  6. South Africa Tour
    Test Series
  7. West Indies Tour
    World Cup
  8. Aussie Domestic ODI Tournament
  9. Pura Cup


More tools are available for EA Sports Cricket 07

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