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What to start your modding career into Cricket 07 huhh? You are at right place at right time. FSHed is one of the four and most important tool that is used for modding Cricket 07. This tool allows you to edit the .fsh files, which contain all the graphical elements of the game.


FSHed tool is used to extract graphic files which are present inside file in .fsh format. It is  present inside Data.gob file which is located in the Data Folder of the root directory of Cricket 07 or can be seen in many patches that are made by patch modders. 
Steps to use FSHed
  • Open fshEd.exe
  • Go to File > Open.
  • Click on Edit Object Properties
  • Import your new graphic in Graphic Object. ( Dimensions should be same )
  • Click on Update tab.
  • Go to File > Save

Make sure to make your graphic file that you are going to import to be of same dimension, otherwise game will get crashed. eg. if it is showing Height : 512 & Width 1024 then your graphic file should also be of same dimensions.

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More tools are available for EA Sports Cricket 07

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